Thursday 28th January

1. Two bits from the Times Higher Education Supplement (which doesn’t call itself that anymore but I’m not sure we all know what the THE is):

a) one on the challenges online assessment poses: “ … the surge in cheating cases reported by universities since the switch to online examinations makes the need for a solution urgent.”

b) another on an (unavoidably slightly dodgy and subjective?) league table of the world’s most international universities: The top five, in order, are the University of Hong Kong, the ETH in Zurich, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Oxford and Imperial College London.

You may need to register to read those two.

2. Not sure we’ve had a Collins webinar before. Using readers to engage young learners of English across different learning settings is the title of the event that Rebecca Adlard is presenting on Tuesday, 9th February. Two ‘sittings’:

one at 10:00 UK time UK time

and another at 16:00 UK time

3. A piece from the WONKHE team on teaching climate change at university, including ‘Seven principles for teaching climate change’: “It’s about more than bins and bulbs”, says the article.

4. And, finally, The New European is a new(ish), well-written UK newspaper that many of you may not have heard of yet:

Its political stance will be clear from today’s lead story:

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