Friday 29th January

1. I’ve had good feedback on the OECD’s webinars. Their next one is at 10:00 UK time next Tuesday, 2nd February and seeks to offer an answer to the question, What can schools do to develop positive, high-achieving students? More info and a registration link here

2. This next site I’ve not yet had chance to explore fully, but at first glance it looks a very rich resource: Scroll down the page for an introductory video. Does anyone know it? What it says on the tin is that “Wide Open School helps families and educators find trusted resources to enrich and support distance learning. Every day students can access free, high-quality learning activities across subjects, all in one place.” Here’s the current English language resources:

3. This one’s a bit niche, a generous PhD scholarship offer from Coventry University that will change someone’s life:

4. And, finally, exemplification of the caveat emptor – buyer, beware! – principle: There’s an interesting ‘heat map’ of the bits Leonardo did paint …

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