Wednesday 27th January

1. First up today, two for teacher educators (but not only for teacher educators):

a) the silver jubilee issue of the English Language Teacher Education and Development (ELTED) Journal – Richard Smith’s celebratory foreword includes the contents of all twenty-three issues to date, and you’ll be pleased to note that back in 1995 we were already/still researching the gap between what teachers preach (or have preached to them) and what they do in the classroom.

b) the latest issue of the British Council Teacher Educator newsletter also explores, twenty-five years on from the first issue of ELTED, very similar territory

2. Here – PDF below – is the latest from my colleague Andrew Skinner, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator in our Bahrain office, this time focussing on teaching learners with dyslexia in online classes.

3. I’m pretty sure this will work outside the UK – please let me know if it doesn’t. Mark Carney, until recently the Governor of the Bank of England, gave this year’s BBC Reith Lectures, How We Get What We Value They’re good listening, with my only reservation being why didn’t he feel able to express these views more strongly when he was at the heart of the system, as Governor?

4. And, finally, the Hay Festival in Cartagena, Colombia has just started: You can toggle from English to Spanish in the top right-hand corner. Don’t get confused by the times being all in GMT, and don’t miss the ChocQuibTown event at 16:30 UK time tomorrow. Who says I’m not hip? (is it still hip to say hip, I wonder?)

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