Tuesday 26th January

1. Very short notice of no fewer than three webinars tomorrow – sorry!

First, the third in the New Directions in Language Assessment series: Putting theory into practice: Language Assessment in Latin America at 15:00 UK time, Wednesday 27th January https://americas.britishcouncil.org/new-directions/webinars You’ll also find links to recordings of the first two webinars on the same page.

Second, the next in the British Council Spain ‘bilingual’ series: Creating motivating learning opportunities from topic webs at 17:30 UK time, Wednesday 27th January. Registration link here https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3602472194629196300 and more info in the PDF attached below. I’m not entirely sure I know what a ‘topic web’ is but I’m sure many of you do!

Third, and slightly off the beaten track, a joint International Alert, British Council and Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group event, Peace education in formal schools: Why is it important and how can it be done? At 15:30 UK time, Wednesday 27th January. Registration link and link to paper under discussion here https://zoom.us/webinar/register/9316100429673/WN_wc3_-UeURcSUdzw3YqEDCQ PDF of paper also attached below.

2. Two good resources for use with older students on the pandemic: first, a website “dedicated to debunking common Covid Sceptic arguments, and highlighting the track record of some of the most influential and consistently-wrong Covid Sceptics” https://www.covidfaq.co/ and second, a lively OECD podcast, How can we help young people tackle misinformation during COVID? https://soundcloud.com/oecdtopclasspodcast/episode-26-how-can-we-help-young-people-tackle-misinformation-during-covid

3. Also from the OECD, a webinar at 15:00 UK time, Thursday 28th January What will education look like in the future? https://meetoecd1.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_SlcNd0LKRdCmt3UrZ3lWCQ An easier question to ask than answer ….

4. The A. S. Hornby Educational Trust (ASHET) is pleased to announce a call for research proposals under the A. S. Hornby Dictionary Research Awards scheme (ASHDRA). The aim of the scheme is to encourage research into the development of reference materials that will feed into practical benefits for learners of English – something of which we’d all approve, I’m sure. Please share this announcement with anyone you think might be interested in the award scheme.  More information and details of previous awards are available on the ASHET website: https://www.hornby-trust.org.uk/projects#ASHDRADictionaryResearchAwards

5. And, finally, the latest funky foot-tapping playlist from Marsm UK https://marsm.co.uk/about/  Libyan music this time https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlA3v8gHbQc3mn_UXgiu74K3DbAw9Svom

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