Monday 25th January

1. The next TeachingEnglish webinar, on Thursday 28th January at 12:00 UK time, is a partnership with National Geographic Learning. John Hughes’s title is Two sides of the same coin: Critical and Creative Thinking in the ELT classroom He’ll be exploring the relationship between those two types of thinking – often presented as opposites – in the ELT classroom and illustrating how you can apply them with practical activities for use in your teaching tomorrow. One for those of us who need instant gratification!

2. The latest ECML microsite is focussed on Inspiring language learning in the early years: Why it matters and what it looks like for children age 3-12

There’s a short introductory film; alternatively, you can just take an exploratory sniff-cum-click at the petals of the project flower.

And in a similar vein from the ECML, here’s the recording of their very well-attended webinar on How to ensure that languages flourish in your school from late last year:

3. I think you know by now that I’m a fan of the non-fake-news site, The Conversation. Here’s two pieces currently featured:

First, a piece that says we all need a mix of male and female in our brain:

Second, a piece that seeks to explain why Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot remains so popular around the world:

You can subscribe to their newsletter here: It’s usually a rich mix with at least one item that tickles my fancy.

4. And, finally, here’s another taste of Amanda Gorman: She’s on everybody’s show at present but I don’t think her head will be turned.

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