Thursday, 9th February (Cambridge)

1. This LanguageCert webinar is quite an early start for UK attendees (only fair for a change!), 07:30 UK time on Wednesday, 15th February: Cultivating a Culture of Care in Language Education with Jane Arnold and Kieran Donaghy. More info and registration here

2. Ample notice of the 2nd Decentring ELT conference: Exploring New Opportunities which will take place on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th March from 13:00 to 16:00 UK time each day. More info here Home-made PDF below. Scroll down this page for the (sensibly short) proceedings of the first Decentring conference in December 2021 and you’ll find recordings of all the sessions at that conference here

3. Here’s a piece about light and darkness for The Guardian by the Ukrainian novelist, Andrey Kurkov “The war is a battle with Putin’s Russia, and a life plagued by darkness”, he says. If you get chance to read Kurkov’s first novel, Death and the Penguin, do take it! https://en.wikipedia.:org/wiki/Death_and_the_Penguin

4. This piece from The Conversation has occasioned a certain  amount of discussion in our family:

5. And, finally, I found this lurking on my Google search page on 6th February, Bob Marley Day in Marley’s home country, Jamaica

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