Thursday, 17th  November (Cambridge)

1. You’ll find reports on all forty Partnered Remote Language Improvement (PRELIM) 2 partnerships – from ‘A’ for Angola to ’Z’ for Zambia! – here, plus Martyn Clarke and Rose Aylett’s summary report.

PDF of Rose and Martyn’s report below; I’ll leave you to download the country reports you’re interested in for yourselves!

Just this morning, wearing my new NILE hat, I was helping review the UK applications for PRELIM 3. There’s still just time for English Teacher Associations to apply – application form below. The deadline is 23:59 UK time next Monday, 21st November!

2. One of the strengths of both PRELIM 1 and PRELIM 2 was the community of practice established between the UK language schools who took part. Some interesting thoughts here from Network Weaver on what makes communities of practice (otherwise known as ‘peer learning circles’) work, most of which I think Rose and Martyn would agree with

Network Weaver also offer a free Introduction to Networks facilitated by Collective Mind, described as ‘interactive training to learn about our comprehensive framework for understanding networks and ensuring their impact’. More details here; there’s a choice of dates

3. Olivia Douglass has just won this year’s 4thWrite prize with her short story, ‘Ink’ and you can read it here

A bit more on the 4thWrite prize here

4. Went to a great concert by Abdullah Ibrahim on Tuesday evening. Here’s his Tiny Desk (Home) Concert for NPR:

5. And, finally and automotively, one of my ten monthly New York Times ‘gift’ articles, What Riding in a Self-Driving Tesla Tells Us About the Future of Autonomy There are a few bugs left, it seems!

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