Thursday, 28th July

1. A ‘golden oldie’ on translanguaging from NALDIC that I stumbled across the other day

This is the NALDIC home page

2. One from Mel B (who, thus labelled, may now never speak to me again) on How our brains cope with speaking more than one language, prompted by her memory of my telling her how years ago I’d become exasperated with a Paris waiter who, simpleton that he was, couldn’t understand my simple order for two beers and an apple juice – that I was making in Croatian!

3. This one is not from Mel C, as you might have expected, but from Ann V, Bringing the outside in: merging local language practices to enhance classroom learning and achievement

On the ‘project blog’ page, you can find the recordings of a number of interesting webinars  that the Bringing the Outside in project have hosted

4. My erstwhile – great word that I can now use! – colleagues in China have an interesting job on offer

Closing date 8th August. Please share with anyone you think might be interested. (Open to UK and China nationals only for reasons to do with local employment law.)

5. And, finally, loath though I am to praise the monster that is Google, this is fun! Best on a laptop or tablet, maybe?

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