Thursday, 21st July

1. Free access to a wide range of resources for ninety days from Oxford University Press: Nothing to lose on this one except your e-mail address, as far as I can see!

2. A thoughtful piece from Devi Sridhar of Edinburgh University, As Covid deaths in the UK pass the grim milestone of 200,000, what have we learned?

plus a review of Unvaccinated – ‘the most infuriating TV show of the year so far’ – in which the scientist Hannah Fry tries to reason with seven vaccine refuseniks

3. Just started on TeachingEnglish, a new ‘Teaching Pathways’ course, Online skills for 21st century teachers

I like the course description: “Enhance your understanding of digital citizenship and your ability to help learners protect themselves online, be kind to others and assess information they find.”

4. And, finally, three pieces from The Conversation:

one on very early language learning

one on our herd instinct

and one that suggests that Big Pharma’s cure for depression was and is too good to be true

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