Wednesday, 8th June

1. An interesting sounding interactive event at 10:00 UK time this Saturday, June 11th, organised by colleagues from Vietnam in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, K–12 Vietnamese learners’ oral peer feedback in classroom L2 task-based interaction

“During this webinar, you will have an opportunity to practise analysing instances of peer feedback and evaluating its effectiveness. You will also discuss and explore pedagogical techniques to promote peer feedback in your classroom English language speaking tasks.”

Here’s the research paper behind Saturday’s event PDF below.

Oodles more research here Oodles, that is, if you find reading research papers pleasant:

2. There’s an Eaquals webinar with Nadine Early from ATC Language Schools at 10:00 UK time next Tuesday, 14th June, Speaking Beyond the Classroom: A case study in speaking portfolios. Nadine will be explaining how ATC enabled “their students to take their classroom learning beyond the confines of the four walls and (..) develop independently as lifelong language learners”.

More info and registration here

3. I wonder whether the impact of the pandemic on our lives has reduced the incidence of this week’s phobia, agoraphobia? I somehow doubt it has.

4. Whether or not you’re agoraphobic, here’s an early reminder to book for Oxford University Press’s English Language Teaching Online Conference, ELTOC, starting 24th June ELTOC, it is claimed, is “the biggest online event in the English language teaching calendar” – it may well be but how does one verify that claim, I wonder?

5. And, finally, two songs from the Playing for Change team Oye Como Va and Guantanamera

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