Tuesday, 7th June

1. The Cambridge Key Topics in Applied Linguistics series editors Zhu Hua and Claire Kramsch will be in conversation with Jerry Won Lee, discussing his new book, Locating Translingualism, this Thursday, 9th June, at 17:00 UK time. More info and registration here https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_R2HZA4ZUSNS9Lm9XwuRQfw

The series editors’ conversation last year was with David Gramling, about his book, The Invention of Multilingualism: recording here https://youtu.be/TsPwbrxG7z0

2. It’s probably time for another visit to the OASIS database, which “makes research on language learning, use, and education available and accessible to a wide audience”. They’ve just completed their thousandth review! https://oasis-database.org/?locale=en

Recent article summaries include ‘Learning new second language sounds as a by-product of playing a videogame: Potential and limitations’, ‘Translingual pedagogies on English as an additional language writing’, How a skilled author used creativity when writing a textbook for English language teaching’ and ‘Improvements in automatically calculating vocabulary use in EFL writing’.

3. The latest two Pearson podcasts are with Mike Hogan and Chia Suan Chong on the importance of professional development in English language teaching and Sam Wadsworth and Anna Hasper on what testing and assessment really mean and why they are so important. https://www.pearson.com/english/resources/pearson-english-podcast.html

4. And, finally, following the success of yesterday’s comic A. P. Herbert poem, here’s a more sombre one, written in 1944, Salute the Soldier. PBI in the penultimate line means ‘Poor Bloody Infantry’.

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