Tuesday, 31st May

This will be the last post until next Monday, 6th June, largely because of item 1 below!

1. This coming weekend is Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend (not quite sure what ‘Central’ means in this context) here in the UK, in honour of The Queen’s seventy years on the throne. There’s a range of resources, including flags and bunting for street parties, on the UK government site https://platinumjubilee.gov.uk/

and on the Royal Family’s own Jubilee site https://www.royal.uk/platinumjubilee.

How meaningful a topic is this for students around the world, I wonder? Genuine question!

2. Here’s an approving OECD blog post by Andreas Schleicher on the Sacúdete entrepreneurship programme in Colombia https://oecdedutoday.com/colombian-entrepreneur-programme/

and here’s two Sacúdete sites https://colombiajoven.gov.co/sacudete and https://sacudete.icbf.gov.co/

Google does a pretty good translation job for those of us who don’t have much Spanish at our disposal, except it can’t quite decide whether Sacúdete means shake yourself or shake off – maybe it means both!

3. Alexandra Mihai has a new blog post out, Innovation in Higher Education. Wait, what? https://educationalist.substack.com/p/innovation-in-higher-education-wait?s=r

She has the word ‘innovation’ in her (newish) job title – Assistant Professor of Innovation in Higher Education – and, characteristically, she’s been trying to work out what exactly that should mean.

4. What is it about the USA and gun crime? https://theconversation.com/us-shootings-norway-and-finland-have-similar-levels-of-gun-ownership-but-far-less-gun-crime-183933

5. And, finally, a new free online show by Neda Nezhdana has just opened at the Finborough Theatre, Otvetka (which I think means ‘answer’ or ‘response’?) https://www.youtube.com/user/finboroughtheatre

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