Monday, 30th May

1. There’s a Council of Europe Common Framework of Reference (CEFR) webinar at 15:00 UK time on Thursday: Assessing plurilingualism: An example from practice with Belinda Steinhuber from the Centre for Professional (berufsbezogene) Languages in Austria. Registration here

handout here with example exam tasks (to be discussed during the webinar)

and background reading here

PDFs of both handout and reading below, both of which are probably worth a quick look if you’re interested in plurilingualism even if you can’t attend on Thursday.

2. With a slight delay, and thanks to a prod from my colleague Ellen, here’s the latest edition of The Teacher Trainer from Pilgrims, which has a focus this time on communities of practice (I was sure I’d already mentioned it but can find no trace.) PDF below.

3. Another free Cambridge Elements download, free for the next ten days or so:  Thinking and Speaking in a Second Language by Yi Wang and Li Wei

The authors seek to answer the question, “Does the language we speak affect the way we think?” PDF below.

4. And, finally, The Monocle’s Global Countdown podcast on what’s ‘top of the pops’ in countries around the world. This latest episode is Moldova

and all the other 58 episodes are archived here, including Burkina Faso, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon and Serbia

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