Wednesday, 4th May

1. Here’s an interesting report by Jason Anderson from Warwick University, ‘Learning from Indian teacher expertise: A policy and practice report for educational organisations in India’, which examined eight experienced teachers’ classroom practice in detail and found “that their practices, cognition and professionalism had much in common, both with each other and with expert teachers studied in other contexts around the world”

PDF below and, I’d claim, lessons here for educational organisations beyond India.

2. Here’s a thoughtful post on the ReMaLIC blog by Saraswati Dawadi on the ‘Challenges faced by researchers when working with marginalised people’

Just how do you reach and engage with the people on the margins of society who are rarely reached or engaged with?

3. I used the expression ‘a sprat to catch a mackerel’ with a (much) younger colleague recently and was met with a blank look. Here’s a Payhip sprat from Nik Peachey with which he hopes to catch a mackerel – but the sprat is free!

4. A well-known phobia this week, the third most ‘popular’ in the UK. Here’s Kate Andrews’ account in The Spectator of a half-day course she took to cure herself of it

5. And, finally, who’s up for a virtual reality headset equipped with a phased array of ultrasound transducers that provide haptic feedback on the mouth? I’m not sure I am!

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