Partly Climate Tuesday, 3rd May

1. Heartbeat of the Earth is a new Google initiative ‘exploring rising sea levels, acidifying oceans, and more’

2. Here’s more than twenty Environmental Issues Lesson Plans for English Language Teachers from eslflow Don’t let yourself be too easily put off by the adverts!

And here’s the founder of eslflow, Peter Snashall’s blog-cum-newsletter

3. The Tony Blair Institute recently published a report on higher education (HE) that usefully restated the case for greater participation – ‘the more students, the better’ – at a time when it’s beginning to be the orthodox view in the UK that too many young people now go into HE

The report says that young people “will increasingly require a combination of aptitudes such as critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, alongside technical knowledge, to prosper in the labour market of the future”.  PDF of the whole report and of the summary below, plus WONKHE commentary from Andy Westwood of Manchester University on some of the ad hominem criticism of the report here

[file x 2]

4. Very much on the same theme, there’s an OECD webinar at 13:00 UK time this Thursday, 5th May, exploring How does higher vocational and professional tertiary education differ across countries? More info and registration here

5. And, finally, also this Thursday, at 17:00 UK time, Ethical complexities when researching motivation in language education is the title of the talk that Ema Ushioda is giving for Moray House Ema will be considering ‘whose motivations and interests are really at stake, and whose motivations and interests (should) ultimately matter’.

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