Wednesday, 27th April

1. NATESOL have very kindly made TEN FREE PLACES available for their annual conference on Saturday, 14th May, the theme of which is TESOL Today: Local, Global, Equal & Open

Here’s their blurb: “Our focus is on how TESOL is rising to the challenges posed by the times. Should TESOL now be moving beyond teaching language? How do we bring social concern and fight for justice into our classrooms? Can we? Should we? What does a truly inclusive TESOL classroom look like? How do we address challenges of sustainability? How TESOL today be empowering for the future, in and beyond the classroom?”

Send me an e-mail at with <NATESOL> as the subject if you’d like to attend – this time round, it’s first come, first served!

2. A veritable plethora of country reports from South Asia on English language teaching, learning and assessment in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka PDFs of all five below.

[file x 5]

3. Using digital tools in learning and teaching means playing around to see what works is the honest title of Leah Henrickson’s piece for WONKHE

The past two years have shown Leah that active and inclusive approaches to learning – digital or otherwise – all include the following four elements: People; Play; Practice; People. I think that’s three, isn’t it?

4. This week’s phobia is ombrophobia – nothing at all to do with item 5 below!

5. And, finally, Michael Rosen’s radio programme, Word of Mouth is usually good listening: search the archive here

Monday’s programme was on Weather Words

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