Climate Tuesday, 26th April

1. ‘The French town where the lighting is alive’ is one of many pieces on the BBC Future site

There’s a Future Planet section Try this one, ‘The Caribbean mangrove forest that defied destruction’?

2. Here’s the videos and learning materials that the Climate Action in Language Education team launched on World Earth Day last week

How about ‘Making our school green’?

The Climate action in language education: Activities for low resource contexts ‘materials bank’ can be found here PDF below as well.

3. Plenty of lessons in here, too, but not ‘oven ready’ ones, the OECD Environment at a Glance Indicators

Here’s some of the headlines from the data

4. At 14:00 UK time this Friday, 29th April, Kath Bilsborough is running a session for Green Action ELT on Green ELT Materials

Registration here

and here’s Kath’s own site, Creating ELT materials

5. And, finally, here’s the onestopenglish Environment word list PDF below, but please do register in your own right, to access much more free stuff!

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