Monday, 4th April

1. Starting on 18th April, Migrants and Refugees in Education: A toolkit for teachers “Learn how to teach and support young people across the globe affected by violence, conflict, or displacement.”

Something that more of us may find ourselves doing than we’d have anticipated three months ago? Three hours a week for four weeks.

2. However, a related ‘but’ – and quite a big but – lies behind the argument of this piece from Chatham House Ukraine exposes Europe’s double standards for refugees

Also from Chatham House and written by its director, Robin Niblett, Global Britain in a divided world PDF below.

“The government must now prioritize rebuilding its relationship with the EU; leverage the G7 to avoid being side-lined by closer US–EU cooperation; and give greater strategic purpose to its trade agenda. It also needs to follow through on its commitments to support the resilience of the international community, or it will fail to live up to its goal of launching a truly global Britain.”

3. 372 articles so far and counting – The Conversation’s archive of pieces on the invasion of Ukraine

4. No fewer than six poems for Ukraine today, courtesy of The Calvert Journal

5. And, finally, for lovers of Cuban music but not just for them, a documentary on the roots of ‘Son Cubano’

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