Multilingual Thursday, 17th February

1. More or less this time next week, at 19:00 UK time on Thursday, 24th February, the National Centre for Writing here in the UK are hosting ‘Meet the World: Translation as Witness’. More info and registration here NB: you need to register in advance.

2. Available any time you like, this piece in The New York Times about Jennifer Croft, who recently declared “I’m not translating any more books without my name on the cover”

3. Another free piece from the current issue of International Affairs, this one by Amitav Acharya, ‘Race and racism in the founding of the modern world order’

Acharya calls for racism to be viewed “as an inter-linked global challenge, (…) integral to the emerging research agenda of Global International Relations.” PDF below.

4. I mentioned Scott Thornbury last week, and now he’s re-vamped his website Not entirely sure I can claim cause and effect.

5. And, finally, Kate Folk reads her own story, ‘Out There’, for The New Yorker

Text of ‘Out There’ here, all being well with the paywall

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