Climate Tuesday, 25th January

1. Climate Questions is a weekly BBC podcast. Here’s all the full episodes and here’s a page of short clips, two- to three-minutes long, that might work quite well in the classroom

Here’s an audio clip from Behavioural changes that helped stop Cape Town running out of water

and here’s a video clip from Why are we still buying the world’s most polluting car? which ends with the question, Would you give up your car to save the planet? 

2. Here’s the food episode of the TILclimate (Today I Learned: Climate) podcast from MIT, Today I Learned About What I Eat Each episode of the podcast is about fifteen minutes long and is accompanied by an ‘educator guide’ (You can also download teacher notes and student activities separately.)

Two key take-aways? 30% of all food in the USA gets wasted and over 40% (!) of the land is used for raising livestock for food.

In addition, there’s a general guide to using TILclimate materials PDFs of both ‘What I Eat’ educator guide and general guide below.

3. Here’s an accessible fifteen-minute talk by Ros Rickaby from Oxford University, Can we remove carbon from the atmosphere? (The video starts three minutes in.)

4. Here’s a longer read from the new issue of International Affairs on Researching climate justice: a decolonial approach to global climate governance by Jan Wilkens and Alvine R. C. Datchoua-Tirvaudey PDF below as well.

[file x1]

5. And, finally, if you tasted – survived? – some of those obsessive coffee videos last Tuesday, here’s a similarly detailed (written) account of fashionable ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate from the Vittles food blog. Spoiler alert: much of it is far from bean-to-bar

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