Monday, 24th January

1. ‘Embedding resilience’ is the title of the next British Council Education Exchange event, with speakers from Nigeria, Moldova, India, the USA and the UK. More info – worth following up the links embedded – and registration here See if you can spot which speaker wrote their own blurb!

2. Here’s Alexandra Mihai’s latest blog post, Time to reboot and start the new semester

In Alexandra’s own words: “At this point, it’s really difficult to talk about innovation and personal development. Most of us are simply hanging on and trying to plough through what feels like endless tasks, day after day. So, this week I’m not aiming to cover a new, exciting topic and lure you into adding something else on your list. Instead, I put together a list of 10 teaching-related things you could do at the start of the new semester. They range from very specific activities related to your course to broader pedagogical endeavours that you can of course continue throughout the semester. You can read this newsletter as a reminder, a “note to self”, a checklist and most of all a gentle nudge to reflect.”

As ever, a good list of resources at the end of her post, including this ‘Reflection Toolkit’ from Edinburgh University  

3. If words are what turn you (or a colleague on), you might like to take a look at the A S Hornby Educational Trust’s ASHDRA dictionary research awards “for research that leads to clear practical benefits for learners of English”

4. And, finally, some ‘visualisations’ of Which Values Children Should Be Encouraged to Learn, By Country from Anders Sundell

Some big differences between countries, not all of them ones you might have expected: who’d have thought that obedience would be least valued in children in Japan? Not me!

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