Climate Tuesday, 18th January

1. ‘Teachers have their say: Motivation, skills and opportunities to teach education for sustainable development and global citizenship’ is the title of a report on a survey of 58,000 teachers worldwide conducted by UNESCO and Education International

The good news is that teachers feel they have the power to help learners develop the knowledge, skills, values and behaviours to address global challenges and contribute to the building of a more just, peaceful, sustainable world, and many feel motivated to do so.

The less good news is that a quarter of teachers still do not feel ready to teach themes related to education for sustainable development (ESD) and global citizenship education (GCED).

Here’s a blog post summarising the main themes of the report PDF below.

2. Education International have also recently marked the climate homework of 95 countries, in terms of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) as of September 30, 2021. NDCs are countries’ national climate action plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.

The pass mark was 60% – and all 95 countries failed. Report summary and download here PDF below.

Only three countries scored 50% or more, and it might surprise you who they were:

C@@@@@@@ scored 58%;

the D@@@@@@@@ R@@@@@@@ scored 51%;

C@@@@@@@ scored 50%.

3. Lots more material to explore on the Teach for the Planet home page

4. Two short New Yorker videos on serious themes:

‘Reckoning with Laughter’, directed by Amber Fares, follows the Israeli comedian Noam Shuster as she returns home amid the COVID pandemic and quarantines with both Palestinians and Israelis;

‘Your Street’, directed by Güzin Kar, tells the story of Saime-Genç-Ring (street) in Bonn in Germany, named after the youngest victim of an arson attack in which neo-Nazis killed a Turkish family of five

Lots of other New Yorker videos here Frustratingly – here in the UK at least – a fair number of them are not available, though; see if you have better luck – or a VPN!

5. And, finally, how about some coffee? Perhaps an espresso? More on espresso here and here, verging on the obsessive some people might think, and lots more coffee videos here on James Hoffmann’s YouTube channel, which has 1.15m subscribers

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