Climate Tuesday, 21st December

1. Lots of videos on the WWF International YouTube channel including these climate action stories from Monteria (Colombia), Park City (USA), Karachi (Pakistan) and London (UK)

2. Christopher Graham from Footprint ELT UK chaired a panel discussion at the New Directions East Asia conference last week on Climate Action in Language Assessment

Topics covered included the negative impact on the environment of the testing and assessment community, the steps that can be taken to reduce that impact and their effectiveness, the challenges these measures present and how technological developments in the next few years may allow the sector to become substantially greener.

3. In my own mind, the climate and pandemic emergencies have been conflated over the last eighteen months, which I hope offers sufficient excuse for the inclusion this Climate Tuesday of a piece by my favourite ex-PM about the “inescapable and unacceptable fact that of the billions of doses of vaccine administered, only 0.6% ended up in low-income countries, while over 70% have been administered in high- and upper-middle-income countries” and his plan to put that right

4. And, finally, how should we understand Amazon’s decision to remove from their Chinese website all reviews of President Xi Jinping’s new book with less than five stars?

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