Monday, 20th December

1. The first of two from Stephen Downes’s OLDaily newsletter: “How do some teachers hold the attention of their whole class, while others may struggle to keep them engaged?” Find out here, in this piece by Kris Taylor on his Taughtup blog, A Guide to Learning Styles and The Best Teaching Strategies to Use

2. Here’s the second: Revising ‘Teaching in a Digital Age’: the Impact of Covid-19 is Tony Bates’s interesting – and, on the face of it, genuine – exercise in writing a new, third edition of his successful book in public

 3. Got time for another visit to the EdTech Hub? Unlocking data in Uganda, Using technology to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in Pakistan and a page of references for future reading, including EdTech and Covid-19: 10 things to know   

4. And, finally, just in case you’ve not already been doing it for years, here’s today’s Quick crossword from The Guardian The answer to 1 across is the same as the answer to the question ‘Which county is giving Boris Johnson a headache at present?’!

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