Friday, 10th December

1. Today is/was United Nations Human Rights Day, something I could usefully have reminded you of earlier in the week, to give you time to prepare a lesson. Here’s a useful page on What are human rights? and here’s a page with a lovely photo and a wide range of resources

2. Below is a PDF copy of a wonderful spoof from Michael Swan at the expense of ‘predatory journals’ (Michael’s spot-on term), as reported on the BAAL list today.

3. My colleague, Steve Copeland, sent me this message today in response to my comment yesterday about the likely size of audience for books that cost £85.50: “Those not wanting to spend £85.50 could always look at the original ELTRA report and the webinar Steve Walsh did for us last year: PDF of ELTRA report below.

4. And, finally, a piece on why mobile phones and driving do NOT belong together. I speak as an occasional driver who’s just completed a four-and-a half-hour drive home from Yorkshire, keenly aware that I am no longer – if I ever was – “above average at driving”!

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