Thursday, 9th December

No ‘multilingual’ today as my multilingual larder is bare …

1. This webinar on Friday 17th December, Exploring teacher agency and identity through the Tree of Life approach, from the perspective of ten early career English teachers from Armenia, Brazil, Morocco, Nigeria and Palestine looks really interesting. More info and registration here

and here’s a short video to whet your appetite

PDF of report below.

2. This one’s a bit of a shaggy dog story. Years ago, a university vice-chancellor in Iraq asked me if the Chinese take-away restaurant near the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Manchester was still there. I said I was sorry, but I didn’t know. He said he hoped it was, as it used to serve the best chop suey in Manchester, to which I replied in which case I’d better try it next time I’m in Manchester – to which he replied it won’t be as good now, as I used to be the cook!

Here’s the history of the rise and fall (due to the offal it contains, which most of us just don’t eat any more) of chop suey globally with a recipe at the end of the article.

3. Next Thursday, 15th December, the VEO team at Newcastle University are launching their new book, Video Enhanced Observation for Language Teaching: Reflection and Professional Development More info here and registration here Welcome drinks and canapés only for those attending in person, alas!

Here’s Bloomsbury’s page on the book where you can read a decent length extract for free I don’t suppose very many of us will be buying it at £85.50, though.

4. And, finally, an interesting new kind of company, to which a British Council colleague has just moved I don’t pretend to understand how it works yet but I’m going to explore.

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