Monday, 6th December

1. Now, here’s a title! Assessment Through the Lens of the Action-oriented Approach of the CEFR: Answering the Wh- Questions is the title of Randi Harlev’s ‘practical and theoretical’ workshop – you’ll have to do some discussion work, I think – for NATESOL at 10:00 UK time next Saturday, 11th December.

More info and registration here PDF of abstract below.

NB! You need to register by 17:00 UK time on Friday.

2. Here’s a chance to win £250 or the equivalent in your currency (unless you live in Italy or Russia: something to do with local legislation) by answering a short Cambridge University Press survey on what you expect of academic publishers

3. This Wednesday, 8th December, at 12:00 UK time, Bernadette O’Rourke will be giving the next Leiden University Centre for Linguistics talk, on New speakers and language policy: New geographies of language in minority language sociolinguistics More info in the PDF below and registration here

I suspect that this might be one of those talks where we should NOT be put off by the density of the blurb …

4. Here’s the latest Pearson English Podcast, on The Importance of Professional Development

The presenters claim that “There are two types of teacher with 20 years of teaching experience: the first are those with 20 years of experience and the second are those with one year’s experience repeated 20 times” – I reckon that might be a bit black and white!

5. And, finally, this Asia Scotland Institute event at 12:00 UK time this Thursday, 9th December, looks likely to be interesting: Asia: Through the Lens of John Thomson

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