Monday, 1st November

1. Some listening first: Jeanne Perret for the Pearson English Podcast on Storytelling – for all ages.

Other episodes here

2. The next Leiden University Centre for Linguistics lecture in their series on Language Policy and Practices in the Global North and South is a talk by Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen from Bath University at 12:00 UK time this Wednesday, 3rd November: ‘Lost in Translation: Parents as Medium Translators in Intergenerational Language Transmission’.

More info here and registration here

“Family Language Policy (FLP) has received increasing attention in recent years. Of central interest is why some children, growing up in a bilingual environment, become monolinguals while other children, growing up in a monolingual society, become bilinguals.”

New one on me, FLP, but sounds interesting.

3. Dhofar University’s ‘English Scholars Beyond Borders’ online conference on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December is free to attend. If you’d like to present a paper, you have until 11th November to submit your proposal.

More info here and PDF below.

4. And, finally and demandingly, for a change of theme and perspective, Timothy Snyder’s recent talk for the Stanford Humanities Center (sic) on “The Five Forms of Freedom” Freedom takes five forms, says Snyder: sovereignty, unpredictability, mobility, solidarity, and factuality. Good subtitles if you want.

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