Climate Tuesday, 26th October

Pre-COP week in Glasgow

1. This is without doubt where we should start today, the official COP 26 home page

Full of good stuff, for example this good clear explanation of the COP 26 goals

Get your students to explore the site and report back?

2. This looks likely to be good: Sensations English, who’ve been nominated for an ELTon this year – – are running a COP26 Special Edition – Climate, sustainability and ELT – at 14:00 UK time, tomorrow, Wednesday, 27th October. Details and registration here:

While you’re there, take a look at their Using Video in ELT series of four webinars:

3. Next Tuesday, 2nd November, at 10:00 UK time my British Council  colleagues in East Asia are bringing together teachers from Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam to share their best practice in integrating climate change issues into their classroom activities. Register here:

4. The next ELT Footprint UK event, on Travel and transport part 2: offsetting and mitigation, is at 14:00 this Friday, 29th October. More info here and registration here

My own understanding is that although we won’t get very far with offsetting and mitigation, every little helps. In ELT Footprint UK’s words, “while we can take the train domestically and hold more online meetings, stopping flights is not an option for UK ELT right now”. Take a look over the fence into UK ELT?

5. And, finally, here’s a different side of Greta Thunberg

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