Friday, 10th September

1. I remain hopelessly and culpably unclear what’s free and what’s not on onestopenglish, but here goes with the latest Vocabulary Builders lesson, Internet Language: What is the difference between patois, jargon, and slang? It’s designed to help your students discover more about language variations

Pretty sure you’ll need to register but free to access once you have. PDFs of worksheet and teacher’s notes below.

2. A swift return for Teacher Tapp, as I think this week’s three questions – on teacher fashion, teacher attitudes to the pandemic and vaccination, and teacher optimism – travel round the world pretty well!

3. Teaching pathways: How to motivate learners is a new online course from TeachingEnglish. It starts on 21st September; more info and registration here

The nine-hour course is intended to help teachers start creating their own motivational learning environment, learn about what affects motivation and discover some of the different ways to energise and engage students. It includes two live events with the course tutor and language teaching experts.

4. The Slow Burn of Inner Chaos: Writing from Malaysia is the latest issue of the Words without Borders monthly magazine

Try Mona Fandey’s Cassette, or Gray Feather by Malaysian Tamil writer, Navin Manogaran

5. Perhaps not for the faint-hearted, an extended excerpt from The House of Ashes, the new book from the ‘King of Belfast Noir’, Stuart Neville

6. And just in case you should need one, here’s an antidote to the Neville extract, a showcase of and by the young dancers of the UK Royal Ballet

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1 Response to Friday, 10th September

  1. Irene Lavington says:

    Richard Smith was advertising this event: Although sadly not “virtual” it is free & perhaps a UK-based reader might be interested? Best wishes – Irene

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