Catch-Up Thursday, 9th September

Multi-lingual Thursday will return next week. I’m very sorry for the disruption to normal service. The Virgin broadband engineer comes tomorrow morning ….

1. Details here of Oxford University Press’s ELT Together 2021 event, which runs on six days in the period from 27th September to 8th October, from 17:00 to 20:00 UK time each day

The topics covered include Assessment for Learning, Pronunciation, Literature and Extensive Reading, How Languages are Learned, Learner Agency and Diversity and Inclusion. This kind of event often books up (annoyingly) early, so I hope this gives you good notice!

2. Also starting on 27th September is the mEducation Alliance’s 11th annual symposium, this time on EdTech To Accelerate Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) in Low-Resource Contexts; more info and registration here

Their avowed intention is to “explore untraditional formats to maximize knowledge-exchange and networking among presenters and participants”. (Thanks to Adam for this one!)

3. Another attractively eclectic selection this year in the University of Westminster’s English Language and Linguistics Research Seminar programme. I’m not sure their website has caught up yet, but there’s full details in the PDF below. I’m looking forward to Sylvia Shaw’s session on 17th November: ‘Supine, protoplasmic invertebrate jellies’: the linguistic style of Boris Johnson.

4. For a change, there is almost certainly NOT a lesson in this one, but I hope there might be an article or two that appeal in the latest, free-to-read issue of International Affairs from the Chatham House thinktank

5. And, finally and poetically, read

or listen

or do both concurrently or consecutively to For Henry’s Bar by Joseph Rios.

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