Wednesday 11th August

Yesterday was planned to be the inaugural ‘Climate Tuesday’, but my broadband problems put paid to that, so here’s a one-off ‘Climate Wednesday’ instead.

1. Here’s a good, accessible summary piece on the recent 3,900-page-long (!) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report

“Sadly,” says the article, “there is hardly any good news in the 3,900 pages of text released today. But there is still time to avert the worst damage if humanity chooses to.”

2. And here’s some suggestions for reducing plastic pollution Are they maybe too focussed on more developed economies, I wonder? Draw up a more appropriate list for your own context with your students?

3. Here’s ELT Footprint’s ideas for Practical ways of including sustainability in your language classroom Their focus is on the UK, but their ideas travel quite well, I think

4. This week’s related phobia? Heliophobia!

5. And, finally, maybe not quite the greatest rally ever in the history of table tennis – but close! Not convinced? How about this one?

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