Monday, 9th August

1. A good blog post from Tim Oates of (what is now called) Cambridge University Publishing and Assessment, drawing together a number of current issues in education: Here’s how to solve the ‘hyper problem’ of interrupted learning

Several good links in Tim’s piece, including this one Are the best teachers the ones with fewest gimmicks? from Lauran Hampshire-Dell

2. Tim makes no reference to the learning of Latin, however, about which there’s been something of a storm in a teacup here in UK recently. Here’s two pieces on the topic, one neutral, sort of 

and the other strongly against

Is Latin still learnt in schools anywhere else apart from the UK, I wonder? Italy, I guess!

3. Last year’s was cancelled because of Covid, but this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival has just begun. It’s a blend of ‘real’ and virtual audiences and events, and there’s a fair bit that’s free to watch online. Have a rummage around on their site!

4. And, finally, a video of Cryptic’s sound installation last month on the beach at Irvine on the west coast of Scotland

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