Tuesday, 6th July

1. If you’re involved with an English Teachers’ Association (ETA), either as member or office-bearer, you might like to check out this announcement from the A S Hornby Educational Trust about funding for ETA projects https://www.hornby-trust.org.uk/projects#Projects You can learn more about previous projects and download an application form and guidance notes – copies of both below, in case that’s easier.

2. I mentioned the ELTon-winning Pearson and BBC Live Classes project back in November. The 2020/21 series has now ended and here’s a report from the perspective of the tutors on how they went https://www.english.com/blog/pearson-and-bbc-live-classes-2020-2021-trainers-highlights/ Scroll right down the page for info on how to enrol your class for the 2021/22 series.

3. An interesting new five-part series started on BBC Radio 4 yesterday: Rethink Education. Episode 1 yesterday was entitled What is education for? and today’s sought to answer the question Can school make up for what’s lacking at home? Episodes to come on exams, curriculum and technology https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000xky3 Amol Rajan is a lively and irreverent chair.

4. And, finally, it’s that time of year again – the Edinburgh International Book Festival published its programme today, with the following generous message: “The Book Festival is for everyone, whether you are in the position to pay for a ticket or not, whether you can join us in Edinburgh or from your sofa. You’ll need to book for any online events you want to watch – but don’t worry, with an unlimited capacity you won’t miss out on your favourite events!”

Plenty of time to luxuriate in the programme and make your choices before the Festival starts on 14th August! https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/the-festival/events

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