Monday, 5th July

1. I was speaking to Steve Mann earlier today and he didn’t tell me he was newly famous. Scroll down the page for his video interview with John Shackleton on his new report on remote-delivered CPD – videos work very well for this ‘introductory’ purpose, I’m realising (more slowly than some people, I’m sure)

PDFs f both the full version and the summary of Steve’s report below.

2. In his interview, Steve mentions Otter – an unlikely name perhaps for conversation transcription software. Check it out here I haven’t quite worked out yet if there’s a free version or not. If there is, I could see it working interestingly in the classroom with students recording and transcribing language tasks.

3. Two typically wacky pieces from Atlas Obscura One on two time zones in one city, Mumbai/Bombay and a second on a ‘ghost flight’ between Egypt and Israel that’s about to celebrate its fortieth anniversary

4. And, finally, three versions of a classic British recipe, Summer Pudding, that this year, yet again, I am determined to make before the fruit season is over!

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