Monday, 17th May

1. The first of two that I was prompted to include by a colleague from Japan, Gary Robert, this morning: BBC English’s 6 Minute English Lead story at present? ‘When males are not needed’!

Programme archives back to 2008 here

Gary and his colleagues have also produced a really good guide to using the site for teachers and students: PDF below.

3. And here’s the second of Gary’s tips: newsela. You’ll need to sign up for free here first Once you’ve done so, there’s a wealth of extensive reading material at all levels available to you – or your students, who can sign up for themselves, which might make setting homework a lot easier?

PDF of another very useful site guide from Gary and his colleagues below.


3. Next, three recordings of sessions at this year’s online TESOL conference by British Council colleagues from round the world: Pandemic Challenges: Accessibility, Inclusion and Engagement with John Shackleton, Gemma Bellhouse and Paul Muir Pandemic Challenges: Pedagogical Skills, Technological Awareness, and Student Interaction with Graham Stanley and Ruth Horsfall The Pandemic Challenge: From Crisis Response to New Normality? with Richard Spiby, Hala Ahmed, Jenny Simms and Tim Phillips

4. And, finally, I mentioned Bob Dylan’s own radio show on Friday. A new five-part series about him began on BBC Radio 4 today: ‘It Ain’t Me You’re Looking For: Bob Dylan at 80’ I enjoyed the first one!

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