Wednesday, 5th May

1. Nik Peachey is showing his age, I reckon – Mario Rinvolucri and Paul Davis’s ‘Dictation’ was one of my very favourite books too, back in the day. Good blog post from Nik on dictation here

2. All the recordings from the English UK Teachers Day on 22nd April can now be found here – well worth a rummage around!

The day included two very well received plenaries: the first, on The native factor and the last five years by Silvana Richardson with Chia Suan Chong, is here and the second, on Climate action in language education with Colm Downes, Christopher Graham and Dianna Torosyan, is here

3. Pretty sure I’ve not included anything from Costa Rica before. Starting tomorrow at 17:00 UK time and more or less weekly thereafter is the University of Costa Rica’s seminar series on ‘Linguistic Policy, Linguistic Planning and Evaluation in Central America and the Caribbean: Realities and Needs’.

More info here

and registration link here

4. Here’s an interesting recent report on textbook use conducted for the UK Publishers Association by Public First The report’s findings – possibly not very surprising, given who commissioned it, but nonetheless thought-provoking – include a) without textbooks, teachers would spend an additional 5.7 hours a week planning their lessons; b) without textbooks, the UK state education system would require an additional 52,250 teachers to function, which would cost nearly £3 billion a year. PDF below.

5. This week’s phobia is amychophobia, and here’s a wonderful short film that I’ve just discovered – but some of you may know already as it’s been around for a while – about a Belgian man who clearly does NOT suffer from it

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