Tuesday, 4th May

1. NATESOL have very kindly offered four free places at their annual conference on Saturday, 15th May. The programme includes Language change and the learner: from buzzwords to basics and Challenging change: Exploratory Practice, Mentoring and Quality of Life in Language Teaching. PDF with details below. If you’d like one of those free tickets, please send me an e-mail or a WhatsApp by 17:00 UK time on Monday 10th May, and I’ll put your name in the virtual hat!

2. Here’s another, more musical take on ‘growth mindset’ from C. J. Luckey, courtesy of my colleague Amy who was shown it by her children’s primary school in Delhi – love it! https://youtu.be/J6CnrFvY94E

3. Another friend has drawn my attention to Carol Dweck’s work on mindset, and here’s a good Farnam Street (FS) blog post on Carol’s work https://fs.blog/2015/03/carol-dweck-mindset/ which also includes a link to her ten-minute-long TED talk on the topic https://youtu.be/_X0mgOOSpLU

FS is a new one on me – I’ll explore and report back. I’ve spotted another post called Efficiency is the Enemy which appeals ….

4. The next webinar in the Essex, Botswana, Dar es Salaam and Zambia ‘Language and Sustainable Development Series’ at 12:00 UK time on Friday, May 7th is on Inclusive multilingual literacy: the LILIEMA model and will be presented by Friederike Lüpke, Jérémi Fahed Sagna and Miriam Weidl. “LILIEMA seeks to overcome the exclusion and minoritisation of speakers and their repertoires resulting from language-based multilingual education programmes, where some languages, lects, or written representations are always excluded.”

More info and registration link here https://essex-university.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwucOusrjMqHdaIqxK1E10wvyFHIloKrJ3G and more on the series here https://multilingual-learning.com/webinar-series/

5. And, finally, I’m reasonably confident that I know what ‘DnB’ is, but I’m less sure what ‘Jungle’ is – and I’m absolutely sure I couldn’t distinguish between the two, if put on the spot. I’m going to listen to the latest episode of The Selector with my mindset switched to ‘growth’ https://music.britishcouncil.org/selector-radio

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