Thursday, 29th April

1. My own understanding of the notion of growth mindset is a pretty rudimentary one, largely gleaned from Lucy Crehan’s book, Cleverlands, which compared six national education systems that perform well in PISA with each other. Put simply, a ‘growth mindset’ is a major advantage to a student because it suggests that one’s intelligence can be developed and grown over time and failure is a springboard to learning,  as opposed to a fatalistic ‘fixed mindset’ that says one’s intelligence is fixed and pre-determined and failure is failure and a damning indictment of one’s dimness.

The OECD have just published Sky’s the limit: Growth mindset, students, and schools in PISA PDF below if you react badly to the issuu format, as I do!

And here’s a pretty good summary of Lucy’s book that I came across by chance earlier today:

2. If you missed the English Australia event with Judit Kormos on Inclusive practices for learning differences the other day, which many people said was excellent, here’s the recording and below, courtesy of my colleague Andrew Skinner, is her presentation. Plus, from the EL Gazette archives, a feature on Judit, The woman who wants EFL to include everyone

3. Early notice of the next book adaptation in the Hardy’s Women series on BBC Radio 4, The Woodlanders, which starts next Monday, 3rd May Tess of the D’Urbervilles and The Hand of Ethelberta are already available.

4. And, finally, something altogether more sombre than usual: a very powerful ‘long read’ from Arundhati Roy about India’s ‘Covid catastrophe’

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