Thursday 1st April

1. Nice blog post from Claire Dembry of Cambridge English on using ‘Saylists’ in class here Saylist playlists are an Apple thing and they focus on songs which emphasise a single sound for practice purposes; here’s the <ch> one I’m not quite sure whether you need to subscribe to Apple Music to access them – my phone and laptop won’t let me pretend I’m not subscribed! Scroll down after you’ve read Claire’s Saylists piece for other Cambridge English blog posts at the bottom of the page.

2. The students in my own classes (a very long time ago) were never ever sleepy, nor was their teacher very often. I’m sure that’s true of your classes, too! Just in case, though, here’s a lesson from this week’s TeachingEnglish newsletter designed to wake up a sleepy class

If you’d like to get your own copy of the fortnightly TeachingEnglish newsletter, you can subscribe here:

3. If evaluation is your bag, you’ll find this report on Outcome Mapping interesting And even if evaluation is definitely NOT your bag, read the summary on page 2 of the three principles, four concepts and five practices that underpin the outcome mapping philosophy. PDF below.

4. And, finally, Coventry is UK City of Culture for 2021-22, starting from mid-May A new city every four years, and last time round it was Hull. Coventry and Hull are linked by Philip Larkin: he was born in the former, worked for many years in the latter, and was often rude about both. On first arrival in Hull, he declared it “a ghastly place, as bad as Coventry” but later warmed to the city and described it as a place that people “are slow to leave and quick to return to”

We have a long weekend off for Easter here in the UK – hurrah! – so my next message will be on Tuesday 6th April. Stay well and safe everyone.

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