Wednesday 31st March

1. Here’s a Think Like a Plastic Detective project and competition from National Geographic Learning, plus a video-recording of the related webinar that escaped my attention (but not that of 1,500 other people) last week: PDFs of both info sheet and teacher letter attached below for ease of reference.

2. A piece of provocation from a governor at a Bristol primary school which rang true for me, as a recent convert to WhatsApp voice messages, when the author talked of witnessing “first-hand the utility of voice feedback to pupils on work which can be replayed to parents at home instead of having to decode a litany of scribblings in a child’s exercise book”.

3. At 13:30 UK time tomorrow, Thursday 1st April, you might like to join Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for Education and Skills, as he presents “the findings of a survey of around 30 different education systems and their responses to the pandemic, looking at how strategies varied across countries, whether or not certain strategies were favoured, and what the impact of these strategies was”. More info and registration here:

4. Two from the Gastro Obscura website storing grapes in Afghanistan and baking cakes in Bangkok

5. And, finally, this week’s phobia, esperidoeidiphobia, is possibly one shared by fans of Jeanette Winterson’s (wonderful) first novel ….

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