Monday 15th February

1. The next event in Birmingham University’s MOSAIC Centre Group for Research on Multilingualism’s occasional series of webinars is at 16:00 UK time this Wednesday, 17th February: Uta Papen, Professor of Literacy Studies at Lancaster University, will be talking about the “Peer to Peer Deaf Multiliteracies” project (2017-2020), which developed an innovative way to teach English to deaf young adults in India, Ghana and Uganda.

If you’d like to attend, please let Hua Zhu know before Wednesday.

2. Also on Wednesday, 17th February, From theory to practice: decolonising education for sustainable futures at 12:00 UK time is the second in Bristol University’s ‘Decolonising Education for Sustainable Futures’ UNESCO Chair series and aims to “address how activists and organisations have been reimagining education. […] speakers will demonstrate how they are learning from anti-colonial and anti-racist struggles”.

Registration link here:

3. Kevin Stroud’s The History of English Podcast is an extraordinary labour of linguistic love, with 144 episodes so far since 2012, which (only!) take us as far as the second half of the fourteenth century: It’s an engaging blend of history and linguistics.

4. And, finally, it’s alright for some, isn’t it? I confess to a little envy …

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