Friday 12th February

1. Early notice of this Trinity College – Regent’s University conference in June, so you have ample time to get in your proposals by the 6th April deadline. Those of you who are involved in PRELIM, how about a report on the learning from your partnership?

You’ll find lots of recordings from last year’s conference here, together with a list of forthcoming events.:

2. British Council colleagues in Spain have a webinar at 17:30 UK time next Wednesday, A practical tool for Literacy in the Bilingual Primary School, with Louise Van Laar and Richard Stenhouse, looking at the “Dear Greenpeace” storybook. More info here and register here

You can find a recording of the previous webinar in the series, Literacy in Bilingual Primary Schools: an effective text based approach, here:

3. The latest edition of Humanising Language Teaching from Pilgrims has just come out, this time with a focus on Australia:

Tomorrow, Saturday 13th February, Pilgrims are hosting another of their Pilgrims Cafes for trainers from 13:00 to 16:00 UK time: In their own words, “Short talks, activities, music, poetry, drama: whether you teach young learners or older students, whether you’ve been to Pilgrims or planning to come to Pilgrims, anyone can attend: there will always be something for everyone!”

And, guess what? As a result of Brexit, Pilgrims are moving their Teacher Development summer courses to Limerick, so participants still qualify for Erasmus+-funding. (I realise that makes a difference to only a minority of the readers of this message, but for many of us Pilgrims was synonymous with Canterbury!)

4. The latest edition of EL Gazette has also just come out: I’m still not quite convinced by their page-flicking-with-sound-effects software! Nice piece on standing up to gurus, Guruism can be detrimental to your professional health, by Paula Rebolledo – who has to guard against becoming a guru herself, I guess!

The EL Gazette’s home page is here:

5. That Moonflower still hasn’t flowered, it seems: Maybe not too surprising, as it’s been below freezing all day today.

6. And, finally: prompted by a moment of epiphany with a blood orange yesterday evening, I went off in search of this poem of William Carlos Williams, to check I’d remembered it correctly, which I’m pleased to say I had: And I didn’t need to leave a note on the fridge, as I shared the orange with my wife!

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