Testing, testing, testing …

I’m gradually getting up to speed, reminding myself how WordPress works and exploring alternative ways in which my daily messages, which I expect to resume tomorrow, might be delivered.

One way would be to make the daily message a post on this blog and send round the link each day – as either an alternative or an addition to the e-mail and WhatsApp versions.

Leave a comment please on this post, to tell me what you’d prefer:

  1. Only a link to a blog post
  2. E-mail or WhatsApp as before
  3. E-mail or WhatsApp as before, plus a link to the blog post
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33 Responses to Testing, testing, testing …

  1. Thomas French says:

    Option 3, please.

  2. 2 is my option to help in case of network worries. It is fruitful to exchange experiences using ICTs despite problems of connectivity. We have learned a lot online since the Health crisis. Go on providing us with useful resources for our CPD.

  3. grazziem says:

    Link on WhatsApp to the blog post, which I would guess is Option 1.

  4. Nguema Ndong Jean Clair says:

    Hi and thank you for sharing these amazing resources To me the third option is quite satisfactory.Here is my e-mail jcnguema@gmail.com Regards

  5. Cristiana Osan says:

    Any of the options. Good to have your posts back. 🙂

  6. Nataliia says:

    Option 3 is my case – I will be able to enjoy full screen view when reading a blog and never miss new posts due to Whatsup udates.

  7. Sayda Mejia says:

    3 works for me

  8. Fadidac says:

    Hi Roy,
    I prefer the 3rd option. Whatever option misbehaves, we will rely on the others.

  9. Julio Valladares says:

    Option 3, please.

  10. Julio Valladares says:

    Option 3, please.

  11. M.K.N says:

    This is great, Roy. I love the sustainability theme and the idyllic coastal image. I’d be happy to receive the link to the blog post/ reminders when there’s new content ie. Option 1. Many thanks, MKN.

  12. Eduardo Garbey Savigne says:

    Thanks for giving options. The most important thing is how you feel most comfortable with. Though, it is true that option 3 is more comprehensive

  13. Mark Henebury says:

    Glad you’re easing back into it Roy. Loved the WhatsApp messages, but quite happy to be redirected to this blog (option 1).


    Thanks Roy and welcome back. Dulmin and I were thinking of sending you a reminder in case you have decided not to send us resources anymore, which, as it seems, resumes tomorrow (hurrah!). I will go with option 3, do send to waripali4@gmail.com.

  15. Khoa says:

    Hi Roy! It’s great to see you back! Link of the post sent to Whatsapp groups is an ideal choice for me.

  16. Rebecca Hales says:

    Hi Roy. Option 3 is my preference but TBH any of the options would be fine. Good to have you back!

  17. Gyanu says:

    Email or WhatsApp as before

  18. Rachy says:

    Option 3

  19. kaminitaneja says:

    Good to hear from you Roy! Option 1 please, link to the blog post.

  20. Ahmed Elmaghrabi says:

    I think having all platforms is definitely an advantage!

  21. Glad to have your posts back
    Any of the options will be okay

  22. Isora Enriquez says:

    I vote for option 3. In my context is more feasible.

  23. Audrey Rodgers says:

    Hi Roy, good to see you’re back (and fully recovered?) option 1 or 3 would be fine for me thanks

  24. Ann Veitch says:

    All singing, all dancing, option 3

  25. Maricarmen says:

    Dear Roy,
    Very glad to hear you are back. I prefer option 3. It is good to have a permanent place where all the resources are archived, while receiving an email will keep us up to date with what is being posted.
    Many thanks for this.

  26. Karen Vasquez says:

    3 The link to a blog post through WhatsApp which is faster for me than email.

  27. Michael Armstrong says:

    The ‘full monty’ no.3 please, if it is on offer – but 1 (or 2) would also be fine! Good to have you back!

  28. Dina says:

    Hello Roy –

    I like your emails. Thanks 🙂

  29. Larysa says:

    Hi Roy, great to have you back! I’ll go for option 1. It’ll be very convenient to share the links with my colleagues as well.

  30. Sopheary says:

    Hi Roy,
    I’m glad you are back.
    I’m happy with email (option 2), but any of them would be fine.

    Thanks a lot

  31. Roland Davies says:

    Great to see you back in action, Roy. Option 3 is good.

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