Tuesday 19th January

I’m discovering that even a relatively short absence completely disrupts a well-practised daily routine – give me a few days to get back up to speed, please!

If anyone can remind me how to attach files to a WordPress post, that would be very helpful – as you can see below, I’ve failed to remember on my own!

1. EMI, ICLHE and Englishization: Reflecting on the changing university is the possibly less than immediately accessible acronymic title of the Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education (ICLHE) association’s seventh annual conference, in Maastricht this coming autumn. The call for papers closes on 28th February 2021; PDF copy of flyer attached, and website here https://iclhe-um.nl/ (That American English ‘z’ in ‘Englishization’ annoys me more than I can explain, even to myself.)

2. Also on the EMI front, here’s the website of the newly established UK Research and Innovation funded English as Medium of Instruction in European Higher Education project https://www.emieurope.org/ The project will adopt ‘an innovative, interdisciplinary and participatory approach’ to its subject, and I’d expect its findings to be of interest and value outwith Europe.

3. EMI is English Medium Instruction; you’ll have noticed, however, that many people are now using EME, which stands for English Medium Education. Emma Dafouz and Ute Smit wrote an influential paper back in 2016 arguing in favour of the use of EME: https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Towards-a-Dynamic-Conceptual-Framework-for-in-Dafouz-Smit/49d3aac40b6ad3e8b83d46ba8833b10b55938628 PDF attached.

4. I’ve started with EMI/EME, so I’ll finish with it (as the man on the Mastermind TV quiz show says). https://www.globalenglishes-emi.education.ed.ac.uk/ is the home page of the international network on the topics of English Medium Instruction (EMI) and Global Englishes that Nicola Galloway of Glasgow University leads which “explores the linguistic and educational implications of the global spread of the English language.” The network is open to all to join.  And I may have mentioned this before; please forgive me if I have. Nicola recently edited a literature review of English in Higher Education for the British Council: https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/english-higher-education-%E2%80%93-english-medium-part-1-literature-review PDF attached.

Neither EMI nor EME tomorrow, promise!

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  1. María Edith Serrudo Valencia says:

    Excellent reading. I really liked it.

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