Thursday, 4th May (Cambridge)

1. OUP (Oxford University Press) have a new position paper just out, The Key to Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) More info and download here

OUP claim that it will help you “nurture confident, successful, life-long learners with a practical framework that embeds SRL throughout your curriculum!” – well worth a look, then! PDF below, just in case, but I could imagine that OUP would like you to register on their site – it’s free and quick to do so.

2. Colleagues from Leeds University and three Indonesian universities have just published Common sense and resistance: EMI policy and practice in Indonesian universities. Online version and download available here (and PDF below, to make life easier)

The authors note that “this case reminds us that public language policy should be based on careful analysis of needs at national and institutional levels” – with the clear implication being that this is not always the case. Gramsci’s notion of common sense was a new one for me.

3. Gamma is a new AI presentation tool which Nik Peachey has just brought to the attention of his followers on LinkedIn. I gave it as a theme something that is currently apparently impossible, Managing Leeds United Football Club and in less than four minutes, including my signing up for a (free) account, it came up with this

It’s a little out of date (sadly!) but I could imagine it would cope very well with less topical subjects. You can sign up here

4. And, finally, a poignant (and joyous) TED talk from Tony Luciani, A mother and son’s photographic journey through dementia

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