Friday, 21st April (Richmond)

1. Two events with a sustainability focus to start with, mindful as I am of the carbon footprint of the IATEFL conference that I’ve just very much enjoyed attending in Harrogate:

a) Green Action ELT are running a webinar next Friday, 28th April at 14:00 UK time on Appointing a green lead at your language school with Sasha Beswick, Sustainability Officer at Barnsley College, which is intended to help you achieve “real, lasting change at your organisation” – more info and registration here Still likely to be of interest, even if you don’t work in a ‘language school’, as such.

b) OUP are hosting the Oxford Forum – steps to a sustainable future next Tuesday, 25th April, with three sessions in the course of the day exploring “our shared mission of building a sustainable future for education and research”. More info and registration here

2. No fewer than four podcasts for teachers of English that I discovered in a splendid session yesterday given by Laura Wilkes from TESOL Pop:

a) her own, TESOL Pop, ‘the mini podcast for busy teachers’ There’s a short introductory video here

b) Anna Ciriani-Dean and Shey Riel’s The Teacher Think-Aloud Podcast, which aims “to create a reflective listening experience for teachers of the English language”

c) Ola Kowalska’s Get Richer, Teacher! unabashedly aims to “help language teachers build sustainable, profitable and fun businesses”

d) The Everything EFL podcast, which offers a range of “fun, engaging podcasts to help you plan, engage your students and breathe some life into your lessons”

3. Three from the excellent Cambridge University Press & Assessment English for what purpose? panel discussion yesterday:

a) WAM stands for We Are Multilingual, and their vision is “to encourage everyone to recognise the languages they have and be able to say: ‘WE ARE MULTILINGUAL’”

 b) a free copy of Chris Sowton’s book, Teaching in Challenging Circumstances PDF below as well.

c) a photo (below) from Harry Kuchah Kuchah’s talk, the very definition of resourcefulness

4. And, finally, two more podcasts, the first recommended to me by the person sitting on my right in Laura Wilkes’s session

Feel Better, Live More from Rangan Chatterjee – try this episode on the Modern Epidemic of Perfectionism

and the second by the person my left, The Adam Buxton Podcast Scroll down the podcast page to click through the archive, which has lots of additional links and material.

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