Tuesday, 4th April (Richmond)

1. John Hattie has just published Visible Learning: The Sequel, the sequel (yup!) to his hugely influential 2008 book, Visible Learning: here’s a good piece about the book from The Conversation https://theconversation.com/education-expert-john-hatties-new-book-draws-on-more-than-130-000-studies-to-find-out-what-helps-students-learn-201952

and here’s Hattie himself talking about the new book and how his thinking has developed https://youtu.be/hFcuT-U57Yg

Hattie’s UK publisher is Routledge and they’ve published a free guide to the concept of visible learning which you can download from this page https://www.routledge.com/blog/article/what-is-visible-learning (PDF below just in case you don’t succeed with the download.)

[file x 1]

2. Here’s Sal Khan from the Khan Academy describing how they’re making use of ChatGPT-4 https://youtu.be/rnIgnS8Susg He covers a whole range of subjects, starting with ‘algebra basics’. If you’re allergic to equations, scroll through to 4’24” for ‘activities for teachers’ or to 15’30” for ‘Vocab fixer’. Quite something!

3. The Empire podcast (from Gary Lineker’s company, Goalhanger) in which William Dalrymple & Anita Anand “explore the stories, personalities and events of empire over the course of history” is very listenable and covers a whole range of imperial topics https://www.goalhangerpodcasts.com/

4. And, finally and poetically, Lee Stockdale’s winning poem from this year’s National Poetry Competition, My Dead Father’s General Store in the Middle of a Deserthttps://www.theguardian.com/books/2023/mar/29/poem-of-beauty-wit-and-grace-about-fathers-and-sons-wins-national-poetry-competition

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