Thursday, 23rd March (Cambridge)

1. The first of two webinars early next week is an exciting-sounding National Geographic event at 16:00 UK time on Tuesday 28th March with explorer and tropical biologist Carmen Chavez, who’ll be talking about her work using camera traps to spy on the wildlife in the Amazon,  I See You! Amazon Camera Traps and more! More info and registration here

It’s intended for 11-18-year-olds, and you can register your whole class for the live event or watch the recording later. This event is part of their ‘Explorer Mindset’ series – worksheet here and copy below.

2. The second event, the following day, Wednesday 29th March, also at 16:00 UK time, from NATESOL offers a different kind of excitement: Digital language assessment: the good, the bad and the yet to be decided with Emma Bruce and Heléna Stakounis. More info and registration here: and copy of flyer below.

3. Here’s a bit of serious weekend reading, courtesy of Rob Gibson: Toward Parsimony in Bias Research: A Proposed Common Framework of Belief-Consistent Information Processing for a Set of Biases The article starts with a splendidly comprehensive list of different types of bias – hands up if you suffer from false consensus bias or self-serving bias? – and suggests that many of those biases originate in the same set of widely-held underlying fundamental beliefs. PDF below.

4. A gift article from The New York Times that you may not thank me for, A 19-Minute HIIT Workout for Beginners Not quite sure about that ‘for beginners’ though!

5. And, finally, a pair of interesting and frank podcasts this week from The Rest is Politics team, Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart, on the Second Gulf War, twenty years on: The Iraq War and Iraq: The Legacy

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