Thursday, 16th March (Richmond)

1. Voices of the First World War is a remarkable podcast series from the Imperial War Museum in London, based on their large, rich archive of recordings with survivors of that war from both sides

Start at the beginning with The Shot That Led To War?

Episodes are typically eight or nine minutes long, and there must be lots of ways the series can be used in (and outside) class, mustn’t there?

2. If you think that last assertion of mine is just a bit too insouciant, maybe these six short videos from Tyson Seburn on Lesson Planning will help

3. No fewer than 5 Pearson English webinars next week, one a day starting Monday, 20th March, comprising their Be Yourself in English: Personalising Language Learning series. Register here; attendance certificates available

4. The I Podcast is usually worth a listen. Here’s the latest episode, on What science tells us about the Covid lab leak theory Scroll down the page for other episodes.

5. And, finally, kora ( + setar ( + percussion = bliss! Here’s Ablaye Cissoko (kora), Kiya Tabassian (setar) and Patrick Graham (percussion) in concert

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